Changing Your Name in Darcy Pass

Changing the User's Name in the Darcy Pass (Mobile Only)

*This is only possible in the mobile app currently*
  1. Get the Darcy Pass app
    1. Search your App Store for “Darcy Fast Pass”
      1. iOS:
      2. Android:
  2. Create an account using your organization email or Google login (if not already done)
    1. Optional: Add multiple people under the same account using the native mobile app (feature not available on the web site)
  3. Complete your survey. (Possibly click "Done" under the Survey result if the application takes you directly there)

  4. Once that is done tap "My People"

  5. Navigate to the person whose name you wish to change and tap the name.
  6. Then go ahead and change the name of the user, then tapping "Update Person" to finish.