System Requirements

Darcy Requirements


  • Darcy is rated for indoor use only
  • Darcy performs best when not pointed directly at a strongly backlit subject (Darcy must be able to clearly see faces in order to detect temperatures and detect masks)


Darcy supports 110/240V AC power with the included power adapter 

  • The default adapter is a US two prong but can be covered using a simple travel adapter for other countries
  • Darcy can also be powered by a suitably powerful battery pack that plugs into the USB-C port 


Darcy requires a network connection to the Internet 

  • Network Types: Hardwired Ethernet or dedicated Wifi network (or we can provide dedicated Wifi for additional charge)
  • Network speed: Upload/download 10mbps
  • We strongly recommend hard wiring Darcy with an ethernet connection to your network if 
    • You plan to do real time monitoring of video feed or,
    • You will be running Checkin mode in a kiosk

Passby Mode

Passby mode passively monitors your space for fevers and face masks as people approach or pass by Darcy

  • To view a live video feed: desktop/laptop/tablet/smart phone running Chrome (v87+) 
  • We also support Safari, Firefox, Brave, Edge and other modern web browsers
  • Not used with Darcy Pass
  • Notification types: Email, SMS, Sound

Checkin Mode

Checkin mode ensures everyone that enters your space has been checked for fever, facemask and symptoms

  • Darcy Kiosk (with included display)
  • Used with Darcy Pass 
  • Notification types: Email, SMS, Sound

Darcy Passes and Reports

Darcy Pass Apps

For visitors to fill out health surveys to create Darcy Passes

  • iPhone Native App
    • iOS 12+
  • Android Native App
    • Android 7+
  • Web App
    • Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Brave, Edge and other modern web browsers

Darcy Pass Reports

For viewing and exporting Darcy Pass check-in activity 

  • Preferred browser: Chrome 87+
  • Also supported: Safari, Firefox, Brave, Edge and other modern web browsers

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